How Do Furnaces Work?

The evolution of heating and cooling is one of the most important developments when it comes to home care. This allows families to heat and cool their homes, keeping them comfortable without having to light a fire during the cold winter months. There are lots of different types of furnaces that are available on the open market and they do tend to work in similar ways. It is important for families to take the time to perform routine maintenance on their furnace so that they ensure that it works properly when it is needed most. With this goal in mind, how exactly does a furnace work? How does it keep people’s homes warm during the winter months?

Blowing Hot Air Through the Fans

The basic way that furnaces work is that they generate warm heat inside of the machine and then use a fan system to send heat into the home. Most fans either have a propulsive vent or spinning blades (like a fan) that moves the warm heat from the furnace into the home. After this, most homes have a thermometer that senses the temperature of the home. Once the temperature reaches a set value, the furnace stops generating heat. This helps people keep their utility bills low. In addition to this, air conditioning systems tend to work in a similar manner. They just generate cold air instead of warm air.

Electric or Gas Ignition Trigger

How exactly does a furnace generate this hot air? The answer to this question depends on the type of furnace that is present. The standard furnace runs on gas, such as propane. The propane is lit inside of the furnace, generating a flame. This flame then heats the air inside of the furnace. An electrical furnace works in a similar manner. Instead of gas, there are electric coils that turn on. These coils heat up and warm the air as it passes over them. After this, the air is sent up to the vent where the fans send the warm air into the home.

Help from the Trained Professionals

When someone has an issue with their furnace, it is important to reach out to the professionals for assistance. Families in the Mansfield, GA area should reach out to Patterson Air Conditioning for assistance. Our trained professionals can provide help with air conditioning and furnace installation, maintenance, and repair. Call us today!