3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your AC Filter

June 1, 2019

Replacing the AC filter in your home in Mansfield, GA, is important to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. There are several advantages to maintaining a clean AC filter. Here are just three reasons that make AC filter replacement a vital part of your home’s maintenance. 1. Efficient HVAC System By keeping your AC filter replaced regularly, you can maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. When the system has to work harder to generate a comfortable environment in your home due to dirty filters, it reduces the lifespan of the system and creates higher energy bills. Routine maintenance and replacement of the AC filters can help to extend the life of the system. This can also help to defer the cost of replacing your HVAC system due to it breaking down because it was working too hard to generate a comfortable environment. 2. Cleaner Indoor Air Quality When dirt and dust start collecting on AC filters, the system is no longer able to produce clean indoor air. When you use your HVAC system with a clogged filter, it pushes dust and dirt through the filter and into the air in your home. The dust is then deposited onto...

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