What to Expect During an AC Inspection

September 17, 2018

You know that having an inspection of your air conditioning system is a good idea. Not only can doing so help you avoid costly malfunctions during those times when you really need your AC to work, but such an inspection can also help improve the unit’s efficiency, reduce your utility bills and improve the quality of your home’s indoor air. 1. Thermostat Check First, the technician will check the condition of your thermostat and set it on cooling. This will allow him to check the condition of the system as it is running. 2. Filter Check Checking the filters ensures that there is a free exchange of air within all components of the AC system. 3. Inspect Outside Condenser DIrt, debris, and foliage around the condenser can affect your air conditioning system works. Not only can such items block the free flow of air, but they can also reduce the lifespan of your equipment. 4. Outside Unit Inspection The technician will perform a thorough disassembly of the outside unit while also checking its various components for wear and questionable condition. Expect the technician to check the connections, wiring, relays, contractors, capacitors and more that are contained within the unit and...

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