What Is Air Duct Cleaning and Why Should I Have It Done?

January 3, 2019

You may think of the air coming out of your air vents as fresh, but do you really know where it’s been? Even if you regularly replace your air filter, there could still be dirt inside your cooling system. Air duct cleaning helps to make sure that your entire HVAC system is clean so that you really do get fresh air. How Do Air Ducts Get Dirty? The primary cause of dirty air ducts is dust and other grime that slips past your air filter. This debris gets stuck in your ducts and dirties the air that passes over it. In some cases, you may also experience mold growth when condensation from temperature changes allows moisture to build up inside of your ducts. If you’ve had problems with rodents, insects, or other vermin in your attic, it’s also possible that they chewed into your ducts and left droppings or other harmful residues. How Does Air Duct Cleaning Help? Air duct cleaning removes all of the dirt, debris, and germs from the inside of your air ducts. You can also request cleaning for your supply registers, cooling coils, and fans at the same time for a more complete clean. In addition...

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