The Relevance of Replacing AC Filters

Regular servicing is essential for every home appliance, especially the air conditioner. Maintenance saves you from dealing with huge problems caused by normal wear and tear. One such maintenance area with AC systems is the air filter.

Benefits of regularly replacing your air filter include the following.

An Increased AC Lifespan

Professionals recommend that you change your air filter once every month. This is because the most common cause of the breakdown of AC systems is having a dirty filter. Replacing the filter thus extends the lifespan of your AC unit.

When dirt and dust have accumulated on the filter, it forces the machine to use more force to get air to pass through. Ultimately, this increases the burden on the AC unit. Eventually, the machine does double work and enjoys only a half lifespan.

Lower Energy Costs

If you wish to cut energy costs, then change your AC filters. Clean filters reduce the force in which the machine exchanges air with the surroundings. More power means more electricity, and you end up with a very high energy bill.

Improved Air Quality Inside Your Home

One of the main reasons for having an AC system is to improve the air quality inside your home. Thus, when the AC stops performing such function, it is no longer useful.

Changing the air filters ensures the circulated air is clean and free from pathogens or allergens. The air is almost guaranteed to be of good quality when a clean air filter is used. Regular changing ensures a steady control and supply of good, safe, and clean quality air inside your home.

Lower Risk of Unplanned Repairs

Air filters are cheap, and the process of replacing the filter is straightforward. Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers regular servicing, which includes replacing air filters. We do not spare any detail when it comes to your AC system. Replacing air filters can save you a great deal, and it’s especially important for preventing unplanned repairs from happening.

With the information and experience we’ve gathered over the years, we recommend paying attention to air filters during the winter and the summer.

If you need to have your AC system checked, look no further. Give us a call today. We provide heating and cooling system services for customers throughout Social Circle, Mansfield, and the surrounding areas.